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“This is just a note to thank you personnally for assisting with the start-up of my curbing venture. Your personal business insight is refreshing, extremely candid and inspiring. I’m impressed with the your knowledge of the curbing industry and would strongly recommend your company to all interested entrepreneurs. Your passion for what you do is evident in every call and email as well as the support you gave us throughout the process. I have the confidence to install an excellent product and look forward to a growing business.”

Mark Garcia, Unique Edge Landscape Curbing

“They did really enjoy the training and had nothing but good things to say about you, your son, and the staff. They are very excited about what they had learned in class and spent an hour with me in the office on Friday when they got home telling me all about the information they received. They already started a job yesterday and will finish it up today and have 5 other jobs on the books with many more bids for services waiting to be returned by the customer. We are all super excited about adding concrete curbing to our list of services.”

LeAnn Jammeh, Maple Leaf Landscape

“Your curbing forum has been a lot of help. Thanks to everyone for their posts and to The Curb Depot for hosting it.”

Forum User

“We absolutely love the Assurance, it’s amazing stuff. We also are very impressed with how quickly you can get it to us.”

Scott Burtnick, Ontario Canada

“I too purchased my extruder from Curb Depot. I know this is on their web site, but I have plenty respect for their company and their equipment. I started with an independent dealer who sold his own engineered extruder – what a mess. I sold it (with warning) to someone who wanted a backup machine and had used that model before. I then went to a landscaping exposition in Louisville to check out several manufacturers. I settled on this unit and am very pleased. Two years running with no trouble, easy cleaning, first pull starting, good compaction, etc. And Ryan is quick to respond to questions and needs. I’m well pleased.”

Sam from our Curb Forum

“Just a quick thanks for all that you have done for Cory and I. We are very excited to get this curbing stuff off the ground and we wanted to thank you for all the time you’ve spent helping us out! It’s not very often you find people as committed to success as you are.”

Chad Smith, BCF Lawn

“I love the Harpten, it is easy to use and makes a great product.”

Antonio Guzman, Colton, CA

“The Curb Depot equipment is top quality and the staff is very helpful.”

Josh & Kristy Kranz, Worthing, SD

“Very informative training program, I look forward to hitting the ground running in Canada.”

Jeff Donnan, Quebec, Canada

“What an excellent training program, thanks for the GREAT experience.”

Joel & Kathy Leonardi, Wellington, CO

“The Curb Depot’s, Assurance product works great. You can really make deep stamps and it trowels so much better now. Also, you can extrude a tight radius without it cracking on you. I’m very pleased.”

Gary Hartwig, Wisconsin

“After looking around, I have found that there is NO better built curbing trailer on the market.”

Brent Appeldorn, Wes Des Moines, IA

“We have done 6 estimates in the last 2 days and have booked 5 of them on the spot. This translates to $5,000.00 in booked business.”

Judy Compton & Dan LaForme, Ontario, Canada

“You’ve been of great help and knowledge for me in learning how to curb, Thanks Ryan!”

Rob Manion, Connecticut

“The Curb Depot has been professional and willing to help. I highly recommend them to anyone who is thinking about starting a landscape curbing business.”

Mark Reede, Mosinee, Wisconsin

“The Assurance is a great product. What a difference it made with our work efficiency. It made an immediate improvement with our curbing process and the final look. The finished product is smooth and the stamps are deep, I’m 100% satisfied.”

Tim Crawford, North Carolina

“I have been running a successful curbing business for years; during that time, I have operated most of the curb machines on the market today. I can honestly say, since switching over to the Harpten last year, I have found my machine. Where the others fall short, the Harpten stands tall. It produces a void free curb and is extremely well built with minimal maintenance requirements. I highly recommend The Curb Depot and their Harpten as the centerpiece to your curbing business”.

John Cox, Pennsylvania