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The Curb Depot’s GT1000 – Curb Extruder

Product Information

The GT1000 is the best landscape curb extruder on the market today because:

It produces a void free product. This means the curb comes out without cracks or voids and is extremely well compacted.

It has no track and trolley system. This is the undercarriage or moving parts below and behind the plunger system. The problem with the track and trolley system is concrete and debris gets into the bearings creating maintenance and down time.

It offers quick release mold attachments. No wrench is needed like our competitors.

It has a belt tensioner. No loose belts like the competitors.

Built with quality USA construction. No overseas labor and inferior parts/materials like some of our competitors.

The bottom line is that curb extruders are like automobiles, there are many to choose from, however, there are MAJOR differences in quality and options.

Curbing is a lucrative business opportunity and will make you money, therefore, make the right decision the first time and do it right!

Troy Christnacht
The Curb Depot, LLC