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World of Concrete Convention

Product Information

The Curb Depot traveled to Las Vegas for The World of Concrete convention in January 2006. There were around 1,800 exhibitors and almost 100,000 visitors. It was a huge show focused on all facets of the concrete industry.

That being said, we spent most of our time talking to vendors and manufacturers specific to the landscape curbing industry. This is a show we encourage all of you to visit at least once to appreciate its magnitude. Same time, same place, next year!

The reason we visit or participate in trade shows is to gain knowledge. We are humble enough to realize that we never stop learning and with an open mind, can continue to gain important information for a better life and livelihood.

We visited each curbing manufacturer and shared our courtesy to them. After seeing the latest and greatest innovations, we are encouraged by our growth and quality of our business systems program.

Our 13 years of installation experience and use of just about all other curbing manufactures equipment, has given us the ability to engineer and manufacture our own superior landscape curbing equipment. Our motto is “built by curbers for curbers” and we think that says a lot. We understand what is important to the curber in regards to innovative technology, minimal maintenance, practical designs, and increased profit margins. Everything we do has these factors in the forefront of our thoughts. We are committed to ensure your success through our knowledge and expertise.

One area of innovation we would like to note is in regards to our GT1000, The Curb Depot extruder. We engineered our machine and crafted its creation with three very important advances. We have eliminated the track and trolley system that many of our competitors offer. The reason for this is maintenance. The track and trolley systems often break down with bearings needing replacement and often, the entire assembly. Our swing arm drive technology eliminates the unnecessary track and trolley and captures the future in curbing. Our mold attachment has been made easier with the GT1000 as well. No tools are necessary like many of our competitors. We have created a simple quick release system that takes seconds to change. We have also added a belt tensioner to our engine compartment. This eliminates the need to adjust and tighten your belt periodically because of vibrations from the engine. The tensioner keeps just the right tension ALL the time giving you the utmost efficiency you need.

Finally, we will be updating our Industry News periodically with new information as we get it. We will discuss anything from legal concerns, to product information, to trade show updates. Our goal with this section is to be informative and helpful to you.

We would like to thank you for your time and encourage you to keep learning.

Troy Christnacht