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Landscape Concrete Curbing News

Product Information

Landscape curbing is not a faddish product to buy for the “now factor”, it is a logical and very practical investment for anyone’s residential or commercial landscaping. It is affordable and arguably the best product option on the market for landscape edging.

This is exactly why the landscape curbing business opportunity is such a great one. Landscape Curbing has been around for well over 20 years; however, it is considered extremely new in the multi-billion dollar landscape industry. This is because it took a while to be realized as a quality proven product and, thus, a product to be endorsed.

I want to give you a glimpse into how fast landscape curbing will catch on in your area and become an incredible business opportunity. The Curb Depot’s corporate headquarters is located in the Fox River Valley, a community of a combined population of 200k people. We are located between Green Bay and Milwaukee. The general demographic is blue collar middle income families. In 1993, the first landscape curbing business (Curb Appeal) was introduced. No one knew what this was and had thought it was a new invention. Since then, there are 15 curbing companies running full and part time operations extruding hundreds of thousands of feet per 8 month annual season. Curb Appeal, the original, remains the biggest and most profitable extruding 1000 feet everyday between the 6 installation employees.

The funny thing is that we can drive down a given road for a mile and never see any curbing. Also, people I talk to every day have no idea what landscape curbing is. My point being, landscape curbing still hasn’t come close to hitting its fullest potential in this area. The possibilities and growth potential is huge and will remain huge for many years to come.

Again, we are located in a blue collar, middle class, community that works hard for their money and these are the people that see value in our product. This is an affordable product and service we sell, not something high end for the rich. Landscape curbing will typically be priced somewhere between the cost of installed plastic and paver edging.

As far as income potential for a landscape curbing business owner, it is endless. A one crew (one extruder) operation can yield a gross revenue of $500k, with the individual owner making $200k per year for their own personal income. This is an income that a typical lawyer will make. You can have it with a little perseverance and without 8 years of college and student loans to repay for the rest of your life.

They don’t call it the American Dream for nothing.