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Curb Machines

Product Information

Concrete curb machines extrude concrete curbing material, using no forms. The Curb Depot carries concrete curbing machines for the professional landscape concrete curber. Our GT1000 Curb Extruder works well for both industrial jobs such as subdivisions and parking lots, as well as residential projects like concrete edging around flower beds and patios. A well built concrete curb machine will help the professional curber to succeed.

The concrete edging industry was started in Australia in the early 80s and spread quickly to the United States, not only for the beauty and ease of maintainance of the concrete edging, but also for the profitable business potential concrete curbing provides.

The concrete curbing machine is the center piece of the landscape curber’s equipment. This piece of curbing equipment will help to determine the success of your curbing business. The better the quality of the continuous concrete curbing that is laid, the faster your reputation will grow, thus growing your business.

With the popularity of concrete curbing as a business, comes the growth of companies providing curb machines. Several of these companies are reputable, but many are not. Be sure you ask a lot of questions about the company and where they manufacturer their curbing machines. (See our article on Curbing Machines Made Overseas).

The Curb Depot provides a quality curb machine and other curbing equipment, along with training on starting your own landscape curbing business. We invite you to compare us with other companies, we think you will see and like the difference.