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My name is Troy Christnacht; I’m the owner and President of The Curb Depot, LLC. We have recently purchased the old John Wick Home’s building located on Hwy 41 just south of Pierce Manufacturing Inc. We are a landscape curbing equipment manufacturer and business opportunity provider.

Our primary function is to train new business operators, manufacture their equipment, and provide support to landscape curbing installation companies throughout The United States and Canada. We are the only non-franchised business opportunity company for our industry in the Midwest. What that means is that we are not a franchise. There are no royalty fees collected up front or ongoing residual franchise fees after the fact. We simply sell the business opportunity; sell the equipment and provide the training and support needed to use it.

A turn-key business system consists of a customized curbing trailer that has a mounted mixer on the back, a 3 yard sand box, a cement bin, and a large enclosed equipment area for their curb extruder, sod cutter, and other tools needed. Everything is self contained. The only thing the new business owner needs is a ¾ or 1 ton truck. Our equipment is extremely well built and heavy duty for the day to day abuse it will take working with concrete. The truck and trailer arrives on the job site with a crew and all the materials they need. They mix their own concrete on site and wheel barrow the material to the extruder for extrusion. There is no damage to any of the existing landscape and most jobs are completed in one day.

The most fascinating aspect of what we sell is that our most expensive turn-key package is $24,000 and that your ROI (return on investment) is literally weeks. There is no other business opportunity or franchise available today that I have found that provides this kind of ROI. Our local representative of our curbing equipment is Curb Appeal of Appleton, WI. They run our equipment and generally install around 100,000 feet of curbing each year around homes and businesses throughout the Fox Cities. This is in an 8 month seasonal environment. The national revenue average for an experienced one crew (3-4 people) operation is around $300k – $500k depending on region (climate).

The Curb Depot sits on one and half acres and consists of office space for inside sales, a classroom for our trainees, a warehouse for our inventory and plenty of yard space for outdoor hands on training. Our training consists of two days, of which is broken into two segments. Day one is classroom only; we talk about everything that is needed to know regarding starting up and growing their business. Day two is all hands on. The trainees learn to operate the equipment and install landscape curbing. We provide the lodging and meals during their two day visit. When time permits, we will also journey into the field to watch the local Curb Appeal install business in action. This really pulls everything together for the trainees. Finally, at the end of day two, the customer hooks up to their new trailer full of their curbing equipment and heads back home to start their business.

We are proud of our new facility, as well as, the fact that we are providing jobs and business opportunities throughout North America. This job creation and tax revenue generated is what helps our economy grow. Also, this gives people an opportunity to start their own business at an affordable price. New business owners can expect flexible scheduling, pride of ownership, and unlimited income potential.


Troy Christnacht
The Curb Depot, LLC