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Business Opportunity Vs Franchise Systems?

Product Information

The Curb Depot, LLC was created in 2005 as a landscape curbing business opportunity provider and the only non-franchised landscape curbing equipment manufacturer in the Midwest. I entered the landscape curbing industry years ago with a company out of Florida. My experience with that company proved to be the wrong choice and opened my eyes to significant options that prospective buyers have when choosing a landscape curbing manufacturer to work with.

For starters, the years of industry knowledge is very important for obvious reasons. The regional location should also be strongly considered when choosing a company. For instance, if you live in a seasonal environment with freeze thaw cycles, you will want to work with a company that lives and operates in a similar climate. The Curb Depot has been associated with landscape curbing installation for 13 years in the Midwest and thus, has the knowledge and the proven techniques to ensure success in our harsh winter conditions. This is imperative to minimizing call backs and maximizing quality.

The next BIG question is: Do you want to purchase a franchise, franchise style, or a business opportunity system? There is a major difference between the three: A franchise system will collect “blue sky” money up front as royalty for use of their name, logo, and website. Franchise systems will also collect residual or ongoing money, taking a percentage of your profits year after year. A franchise style system will collect “blue sky” up front royalty money without the ongoing residual fees from profits. Business opportunities DO NOT collect any royalty or ongoing residual income. You buy the system and the equipment and you now have to create a name, logo, and website. For the “blue sky” money that a franchise or franchise style charges, you’re much better off creating your own identity and saving tens of thousands of dollars by choosing a business opportunity system. That being said, if you see value in buying into a system that provides you with those services, then the franchise or franchise style is for you.

Now that you narrowed things down a bit, your decision should be able to be made much easier. Once you get to this point, choose the company who you feel most comfortable with. Keep in mind logistics, but also the company that will provide you with the proper training, quality equipment, and ongoing support you will need to ensure your success.

The Curb Depot, LLC was built by curbers for curbers and stands as our motto today. Over the years, we owned and operated most of our competitor’s equipment and thus, created our equipment, training, and support from our hands on knowledge. Landscape curbing is part of the multi-billion dollar landscape industry and is considered a new and proven product that adds value and function to one’s landscape.

Good luck,

Troy Christnacht
The Curb Depot, LLC