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Best time to start a Landscape Curbing Business?

Product Information

Believe it or not, late Fall or early Winter may be the best time for several reasons. For one, winter specials and incentives are always in affect to entice buyers during the slow manufacturing season. These “specials” will save you $$$$$ keeping your initial investment lower. Also, to kick off the curbing season on the right foot, you should be on display at a couple home and garden shows in your area.

By making your purchase late Fall or early Winter, you will have the opportunity to become fully trained and have your business completely set up and prepared with legal, banking, marketing, etc. Now, you will be able to “talk the talk” during your shows. You would also have all the materials you would need for display at the show. Thus, you will have immediate success with booked jobs for the beginning of your first curbing season. I have found a typical home and garden show to produce 50 estimates. Of those estimates, I would book at least half of them for scheduled jobs. Do the math, that would pay for 100% of your business investment.

Spring and Summer sales are very strong as this is the manufacturers busy time and the “go time” for curbing installers all over the world. Usually incentives and specials are off, but the curbing season in on and in full force. This is the time of year that curbing installation companies will have their phones ringing off the hook (if they follow the couple of things we strongly advise for cost effective marketing) and a steady stream of revenue flowing.

Lastly, no matter what time of year you decide to “go for it”, it will be a defining moment as to providing you freedom, and financial independence. All I can say, is we will assist you with your new business endeavor and will provide you will the tools, training, and support, you will need to succeed. No matter what time of year, make the commitment and don’t ever look back. I guarantee you will be happy you did.

Troy Christnacht
The Curb Depot, llc