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Be Cautious of Curbing Machines Made Overseas

Product Information

Overseas manufacturing has become a part of every day business; it is an option for manufacturers to keep their costs down and profits up. However, quality control of their products is a major challenge. Thus, foreign products sold in the U.S. are typically cheaper in quality and price from their U.S. counterparts.

You are looking to start a business; your main piece of equipment (curb extruder) needs to be a workhorse. It must be reliable and put out a great product. Just like everything, there are good and bad manufacturers to choose from. You want to work with a proven name and with proven products built with the best materials and labor available, thus, increasing your odds of success. Why would you want to roll the dice with that?

The problem I have with overseas manufacturing within our industry is that the companies selling them in the U.S. are hiding the facts. They are selling their machines as innovative and top of the line when there not. Don’t call a KIA a Cadillac, call it a KIA and sell it as such. The companies selling them are misleading and without credibility amongst our peers in the industry. Call the manufacturers and ask them specifics.

You are embarking on a business investment that is as good as it gets. Look at the company you work with as a partnership…they will be showing you how to succeed. It is in your best interest to find out what country the equipment is made in. A curb machine will work regardless of where it is built, but will it last? The curb extruder is the centerpiece of your landscape curbing installation business, MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICE!

My reason for this letter is to help educate the prospective buyer. Please know that the quality and integrity of who you work with will pay huge dividends to you and your business future.

Troy Christnacht
The Curb Depot