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Product Information

The Curb Depot, LLC has developed a product along with the help of a concrete chemical company exclusively used for the landscape curbing industry. For many years installers of landscape curbing struggled with the challenges of a zero slump concrete mixture. The fact that our mix is so dry compared to traditional slumped concrete made it necessary to work fast before it “set up” on you.

After experimenting with many different admixtures and topical solutions, The Curb Depot, LLC recognized the need for a product unique to zero slump, rather than using products designed for traditional slumped concrete. Thus, we partnered with chemical experts to design such a product.

Simply put, Assurance does four very important things: 1) strengthens the curb, 2) improves workability, 3) reduces the risk of effloresence, and 4) reduced risk of cracking. Your finishing time is cut in half and your product looks great with a smooth surface and deep stamp impressions. Your product is stronger with more vibrant colors, and the risk of efflorescence is greatly reduced.

The science behind this product is quite simple….we focused on several specific desired needs, and addressed them head on. Assurance is a liquid admixture that is added to your mix without ANY other necessary additives besides the basic raw materials you use for landscape curbing. One 5 gallon bucket of Assurance treats up to 3k feet of curbing. The average amount used is 4 oz per mix, thus, the product goes along way…and is well worth its $199 price tag (Free shipping).

The Curb Depot, LLC offers a 100% guarantee on your satisfaction and thus far, has a 100% approval rating from experienced curbers around the country. You can call us at: (920) 740-2218 to place your order….2-3 day shipping turnaround anywhere in the U.S./Canada.