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An Economic Crisis

Product Information

YES, the year 2008 and 2009 will go down in history. We are experiencing the biggest economic crisis the United States has seen in decades. However, we ALWAYS pull through these times….look at our history. This is simply a correction of what has been mismanaged for years. Our economy has had ups and downs over all the recorded years and the one thing we can count on, is that it will come back stronger than ever.

The point I want to make is that we must take advantage of this time. Now is the time to grasp control of your future destiny….NOW, not later. Small business is the backbone of our country and is a wonderful way to create flexibility and wealth for your family. Most importantly, it provides YOU with control, not someone else. You set your own schedule and your own income level. You are your own boss with the power to hire and manage as you see fit.

I’m talking to the unemployed individuals and/or people who feel uncomfortable in their current financial situation. This uncertainty is what must drive you to get proactive and gain control of your future. Right now is the best time in recent history to buy a house, start a small business, buy into the stock market, etc. EVERYTHING is on sale and the opportunities are endless. You want to position yourself for the huge upside we will experience over the next year.

The one opportunity I can offer someone is a small business opportunity in the landscape industry. Landscape curbing has been around for approximately 30 years, however, it is just now becoming one of the fastest growing niches within the industry. I have been associated with the landscape curbing industry for many years and can attest to the remarkable profitability and simplicity of this business model. Landscape curbing is an extruded concrete border that is very decorative in its shapes and colors and simply provides a barrier between your home’s lawn and landscape beds. This product replaces the traditional plastic edging most houses have and greatly improves the outward appearance of the home.

An average job is installed within a half day and usually costs the homeowner $1000. Your cost of materials and labor on the job is approximately $300, leaving you with a profit of $700. Most companies do a couple jobs every day and produce between $100k – $500k of annual revenue. The average landscape curbing business owner produces an individual (personal) income between $50 – $100k. That income is generally produced during the spring, summer, and fall seasons allowing the business owner invaluable vacation time during the winter holiday season. The average season starts the year with home and garden shows and ends the year with hundreds of completed jobs.

The average price to get started in this business is roughly $20-$25k. That is a VERY small price to pay to put yourself into a position of managing your own future. This is an extremely smart investment that will provide a total return within the first season.

The most important part of getting started is choosing an outfitter. There are several manufacturers of landscape curbing equipment to choose from, however, you need to choose the one that will provide the best training and support. The equipment must be well built and must be proven, however, these are just the tools. You MUST also get the knowledge through an extensive training program and the support you will need when you hit the ground running to ensure your successful startup.

The Curb Depot, LLC is the company I founded almost four year ago. After years of installation experience and success, I decided it was time to offer people the same opportunity. We opened our doors and never looked back. We have a small team of individuals who play a key part in our program’s success. Our focus is our equipment and our customers; our pledge is to provide you with the tools and knowledge you will need to succeed in this industry.

This is a tough time for our economy; however, this is a “recession proof” business. We have found that people are taking fewer vacations, not buying new cars or building houses, etc. However, people are very comfortable putting money into their home and feel as though they won’t lose it. They know they are adding value to their home and it gives them something to do outside. The landscape curbing installation industry is thriving during this time and provides a proven revenue stream you can count on….even during tough times, like these.

Again, NOW is the time to take advantage and control of your future. Check out this proven and very young business opportunity that is rapidly gaining popularity within the multi-billion dollar landscape industry. If you are unemployed and at a loss for what to do, PLEASE consider this opportunity. You may not find another job; get proactive and create one. We will help you every step of the way. The Curb Depot’s slogan is, “built by curbers for curbers” and stands as the backbone of our business today. We have a separate division of our company that provides local landscape curbing installation service. This experienced crew is the one you will spend time with during your “hands on” portion of training. Remember, we will provide you with the tools and knowledge to succeed. Give us a call today (920) 740-2218.

Thank you,
Troy Christnacht
The Curb Depot, LLC
Direct: 920-740-2218