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Entrepreneur Plus Package

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Product Information

Order Entrepreneur Plus Package Entrepreneur Plus Package @ $14,995.00

“Plus” means the budget minded Entrepreneur can still get started on the minimum budget but enjoys the peace of mind that only a quality trailer and comprehensive package can bring. With virtually everything needed for starting a landscape curbing business, the Entepreneur Plus has it all – at an amazing price point.

Entrepreneur Plus Package Features

  • Edgemaster Cadet gas powered curb machine and EXTENDED Three (3) year warranty.
  • Black Pro-Series Sod Cutter or optional Subaru powered 7 HP trencher for either curb preparation or trenching for irrigation. Great for garden bed edging too. One year warranty.
  • Curb specific electric mixer has one year waranty and is a real concrete mixer, (not just for mortar.) Includes 1 year warranty.
  • Purpose built Curb Trailer with lockable and weather-proof equipment storage compartment. This USA manufactured trailer carries 2 cubic yards of sand and can be towed by most half ton pickups.
  • Advertising package includes 2000 gloss color marketing cards and aMarketing CD Toolkit.
  • Training seminar and in-field training for 2 people included.
  • Three (3) landscape curb molds which are REVERSABLE. A great time saving feature.
  • Seven (7) one piece full width hand finishing trowels with comfort handles. Designed for finishing in both Left hand and Right hand directions.
  • Two (2) contractor wheel barrows.
  • Pattern Stamping Tools with 6 great pattern styles.
  • Curb Color Application system provides the ultimate in rich vividly colored curbs. Includes curb color applicator, electric mixer with heavy duty paddle, measuring buckets and mixing buckets, 100 foot extension cord, two curb end application shields, protective plastic covers and electric release powder remover.
  • Safety and Worker Protection Package includes First Aid Kit, Eye Protection Safety glasses, noise protection ear plugs, work gloves and 300 foot roll of barrier tape.
  • Curb Tools package includes: 1 shovel, 1 spade, 1 rake, 1 straight edge, 1 curve curb shaping tool, 1 small pointing trowel, 1 large pointing trowel, 1 rubber mallet, 1 dry wall knife.
  • One curb Sealer Sprayer
  • Starter pack of Curbing Color Products – (250lbs of material.)
  • Product image is example package only. Items included are listed above and are subject to availability. Additional items available.

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