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Business Ultimate Plus Package

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Product Information

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The “Business Ultimate Plus” package is the package with everything. Including the big “Payload King” Aluminum gooseneck trailer (or optional tag-along) and a huge carrying capacity of 15,400lb. This 24 foot long trailer has a sand bin capacity of over 4 yards of material. The 5.5HP Gasoline powered Edgemaster “Big Kerb” curbing machine provides the ultimate in power and versatility along with the a 3 year warranty and Edgemaster reliability. The Business Ultimate Plus package includes all of the best accessories available and just about everything any business owner could want to operate a curbing business.This package provides a new business owner with the most complete equipment package bar none – at an investment price that just can’t be beaten.


  • Big Kerb Edgemaster curb machine. Big 5.5HP power. Big sized curbs up to 12″ high and 9 inches wide, for all landscape and commercial applications. Three year warranty and custom molds available.
  • Gas powered Sod Cutter or Trencher suitable for curb preparation or irrigation trenching. Great for garden bed edging too. Complete with extended three (3) year warranty.
  • Concrete mixer is purpose designed for heavy curb mix and long life, with low maintenance, (not just a mortar mixer.) Removeable from trailer with right size mixing capacity for professional curbers. Add an extra mixer to this trailer and an extra curb machine for the fastest production in the world. You’ll need extra workers, so it’s strictly for BIG jobs. Versatility is the key! Warranty is 3 years.
  • Big “Payload King” Aluminum gooseneck trailer, or optional tag-along available at no extra cost. Big capacity axles up to a total of 15,400lbs for both axles total. All aluminum big 4 cubic yard sand bin, weatherproof equipment compartment and separate lockable toolbox. Everything is built “curb tough” by America’s most experienced curbing trailer manufacturer. Warranty is a big 3 years. Built to maximize your signage with natural hand swirled finish. With such a great payload a minimum 3/4 ton tow vehicle is required.
  • Investment Plus Guarantee package gives you 50% trade-in value if you want to trade in for a new package within five (5) years.
  • Curb Lighting Package includes two unique Edgemaster groove maing curb molds. Groove sizing tool for two popular curb styles, light Installation Tool Kit includes all tools and tubes of outdoor adhesive and applicator. Aviation instrumentation bulbs encased in UV treated polycarbonate tubes with easy connectors. All power is safe with 24 volt transformers and wiring. Starter kit includes everything required to install 200 feet of lighted curb.
  • Ultimate Curb Roller and Impression complete with six (6) distinctive “random rock” pattern rollers in a custom made aluminum protective carry case. High quality with one (1) year warranty.
  • Curb Color Application system provides the ultimate in rich vividly colored curbs. Includes curb color applicator, electric mixer with heavy duty paddle, measuring buckets and mixing buckets, 100 foot extension cord, two curb end application shields, protective plastic covers and electric release powder remover.
  • Safety and Worker Protection Package includes First Aid Kit, Eye Protection Safety glasses, noise protection ear plugs, work gloves and 300 foot roll of barrier tape.
  • Curb Stamp and Impression system contains 6 forged High Nickel Steel stamps that are formed in one piece, (not just welded together.) Zinc plated with stainless steel handles. No rust ever! These fine tools are truly without equal. Life time warranty. Five color impression curbs are created by using our specialized mat which is complete with molded-in handles and custom made color palet tray with handle. Dozens of different patterns and designs including multi-colored can be created.
  • The “Ultimate” Advertising package includes your own custom designed and operating internet web-site with your business name, domain name and all business details included. Free registration and lifetime hosting of website domain name is included.
  • Five thousand (5000) gloss color curb marketing cards are included in for use at exhibitions, displays, Home shows and sharing information when selling. A full set of actual colored stamp impression concrete curbing display samples is also included.
  • The Ultimate Digital Marketing package has it all; curb pictures, sample advertising layouts, business card artwork, and more. Best use of this marketing package is taught at a marketing seminar.
  • The Ultimate Training package includes full hands-on field curb training for up to three people and classroom curb business training including notes and training manual.
  • Local Hotel accomodation included for attendees at training school.
  • The Ultimate Support package includes a toll free number for expert advice anytime, digital video, online support and help desk staffed by experienced people. Access to curb directory referral network web site is also available.
  • Eight (8) landscape curb molds which are REVERSABLE. A great time saving feature.
  • Eighteen (18) one piece full width (time saver) finishing trowels with comfort handles. Designed for finishing in both Left hand and Right hand directions.
  • Two (2) turf friendly wide tire curb wheel barrows designed to be used on sod without damaging the turf.
  • The “Plus” Curb Tools package also includes: 1 shovel, 1 spade, 1 rake, 1 mattock, 1 straight edge, 1 curve curb shaping tool, 1 small pointing trowel, 1 large pointing trowel, 1 rubber mallet, 1 dry wall knife, 1 multi-use tool container.
  • One Curb Sealer Sprayer
  • Big pack of Curbing Color Products – 12 X 5 gal buckets (Over 700lbs of material.)

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