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Business Pro Package

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Product Information

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The Business Pro package is a step up to a truly professional Edgemaster curbing machine package combined with a “Pro” curbing trailer. With 7,700lb capacity and unique custom design this trailer can be towed by any 1/2 ton pick-up. A genuine workhorse.


  • Edgemaster 800 Series Electric curb machine. Most popular workhorse curbing machine in the world. Optional Honda gas engine available. Three (3) year warranty.
  • Ground Preparation machine or optional Trencher. One (1) Year warranty.
  • Edgemixer HD Concrete Mixer is made for curb mix, (not just for mortar). Clean electric motor power. Honda Powered Gas optional. Includes One year warranty.
  • Custom steel Curb Trailer with tandem axles (7,700lbs.) Built for heavy curbing work with sand bin, weatherproof and lockable equipment storage compartment and can be towed by many 1/2 ton pick-up trucks legally. Warranty is three (3) years.
  • Advertising package includes 5000 gloss color marketing cards and a complete Digital Marketing Toolkit containing sample advertisements, Curbing photos and marketing ideas. One set of curb display samples and an operational web-site with your business name, domain name and personal business details all included (hosting and domain additional).
  • Training and support package includes classroom and in field training, training manual and notes and toll free number for expert support for life.
  • Six (6) landscape curb molds which are REVERSABLE. A great time saving feature.
  • Thirteen (13) one piece full width hand finishing trowels with comfort handles. Designed for finishing in both
  • Left hand and Right hand directions.
  • Two (2) contractor wheel barrows.
  • Curb Pattern Stamping Tool Set with 6 great pattern styles. Slate mat & tray
  • Curb Color Application system provides the ultimate in rich vividly colored curbs. Includes curb color applicator,
  • Electric mixer with paddle, measuring buckets and mixing buckets, 100 foot extension cord, two curb end application shields, protective plastic covers and electric release powder remover.
  • Curb Tools package includes: 1 shovel, 1 spade, 1 rake, 1 mattock, 1 straight edge, 1 curve curb shaping tool, 1 small pointing trowel, 1 large pointing trowel, 1 rubber mallet, 1 dry wall knife, 1 multi-use tool container.
  • One curb Sealer Sprayer
  • Starter pack of Curbing Color Products – 6 X 5 gal buckets (360lbs of material.)
  • *Photo shown is of a similar package. Items listed will included. Optional and additional items are available.

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