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Steel Cable Curbing Reinforcement

10 units of 500' spool of 1/8" galvanized steel cable. Used specifically for concrete curbing reinforcement.

Product Information

Order 10x of 500' Spools Steel Cable

1/8″ galvanized steel cable, 10, 20, or 40 rolls of 500′ foot spools (5,000′ – 20,000′ feet total). Fits great on back of any landscape curbing machine. Excellent reinforcement method, creating added strength and overall integrity to the curb. Keeps control joints held together, eliminating potential separation and heaving.

Minimum order is for 10x (ten) spools of 500′ foot steel cable. All quantities ordered will be in multiples of 10.

*Important Note:

For shipping reasons, customers must specify when selecting product whether shipping address requires a lift gate.