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The Curb Depot family

For years, we owned and operated a highly successful landscape curbing installation business. It was started in 1993 in Appleton, Wisconsin, and is still going strong today. In fact, it has produced record breaking sales every year since its conception.

After years of industry success, we realized it was time to take our expertise to the next level. We wanted to raise the bar with quality curbing equipment and innovation not yet seen. We also wanted to teach people our techniques for successful landscape curbing in cold weather climates. To do this, we surrounded ourselves with proven engineers, fabricators, and business professionals. This group along with our sales, administration, and training team, comprises The Curb Depot staff today.

With years of proven industry experience and the staff mentioned above, you will find us to be the BEST option to provide you with the tools and knowledge to succeed in the landscape curbing industry.

Finally, The Curb Depot is honored to represent such an exciting and growing industry. Curbing is a very young branch of the already multi-billion dollar landscape industry and only continues to grow in its popularity. Landscape curbing is as solid of a business opportunity as there is in today’s landscape market.

Thank you and welcome to The Curb Depot family.