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Tru Tex Vertical Skin – Bark

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Tru Tex Skin for Vertical Concrete Enhancing - Tree Bark

Product Information

Order Tru Tex Vertical Skin - Bark Tru Tex Vertical Skin - Bark @ $39.00

Tru Texture skins are designed specifically for the vertical artist to create natural looking texture. Use with related skins, Tru Tex Trowels and rollers for a myriad of textured surfaces.


  • Designed for texturing tight area and in corners where the rollers miss.
  • Ultra flexible polyurethane allows texture follow existing contours
  • Can be used in conjunction with other TruTex skins with varying degrees of texture.
  • Can be used with liquid, powder or no release
  • Lightweight, very durable, easy to clean.
  • Approx 14″x14″.
  • Combined ship available.