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Edgemaster Profile – Border Edge

Product Information

Order Edgemaster Profile – Border Edge Profile @ $375.00

The Border Edge profile is used as a strong and durable grade level driveway border or garden mower strip. Once the curb is set level with the grade it acts as a root barrier but is less visible from a distance. The Edgemaster stamping tools are designed to fit this profile perfectly also. Every Edgemaster Profile is carefully manufactured to exacting standards with two accurately formed hand trowels included with each different mold. These “full over” hand trowels exactly match the shape of the mold and allow easy smoothing of the curb surface or spreading of slurry in either direction.


  • Big 7″ wide curb design for much greater strength and durability.
  • Flanged attachment one end as profile is symmetrical shape.
  • Two full over trowels included.
  • Ergonomic comfortable handles on each trowel.
  • Fully powder coated for corrosion protection and easy cleaning.
  • Single point attachment for fast interchanging of molds.
  • Trowel handles do not overhang edge of trowel for butting up to walls etc.
  • Flares added on leading edges of trowels for easy operation.

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