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BC Ashler Concrete Stamp Set – 8 Piece

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Order BC Ashler Concrete Stamp Set - 8 Piece BC Ashler Concrete Stamp Set - 8 Piece @ $925.00

The BC is an all new Ashler from Walttools that is designed to work into existing sets of a very “common” slate ashler. Arguably the most popular concrete stamp of all time, this “common” ashler is easy to spot anywhere and everywhere and therein lies the problem. It is so common it can be considered a bit repetitive. The BC Ashler from Walttools solves that issue by breathing a whole new life into the pattern. With three stamps exhibiting all new slate tiles in each stamp including a couple of LARGE tiles that their original pattern is lacking, the grouping is simply fantastic. With aesthetics matching superbly with the original look and a much more diverse pattern and range of stone sizes, this is really a knockout. The BC Ashler also stands very well on its own without the need to work into existing stamps.

The set includes 7 rigid stamps, a matching floppy/flex mat and touch up skin.

Like all stamps from Walttools, you can expect a professional grade tool with excellent fit and the heaviest straps used in the industry.

Set weight 100lbs.

Stamps can also be ordered individually.

Call us with any questions regarding the compatibility of our stamps with others.